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 Croatian Government Office for Cooperation with NGOsProject is co-financed by the Croatian Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs „The views expressed in this publication material do not necessarily reflect the position of the Croatian Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs“

In Novska on 20 May 2105, and in Sisak, on 27 May 2015 we held workshops entitled Positions and roles in the community for unemployed youth  and unemployed women. At the beginning of the meeting users viewed a short motivational film about a person with disabilities who, despite his physical limitations (born without both hands) successfully operates in various segments of life - nourishes and feeds her young child, preparing dinner with legs, driving a car, writes on computer keyboard etc. After that,  we talked with a group of women about the position of women in modern society with particular emphasis on employment, active participation in society, life-long education, and the development of specific skills for life. The unemployed youth spoke of the importance of volunteer work in the community and civic activism. For this we used two motivational stories. Then we talked about the most important characteristics and skills for employment. The central and most interesting part of the meeting was related to the interactive workshop in which people presented their life skills. They presented various creative works, culinary delights, dancing and sporting skills, literary works and the like. This was a very dynamic workshops where users showed that despite the fact that they are unemployed, they have a lot of knowledge and creativity which can be useful in the future personal and professional development.

In Novska on 19 May 2105, and in Sisak, ON 26 May 2015 a workshops were held titled Stress and stress mnagement for unemployed women and unemployed youth. At the beginning of the meeting users were asked to draw "stress", followed by drawing a "shield" - and so through art therapy presented what is stress in their life (concrete or abstract), and what helps them to cope with stress. Users are familiarised with the definition of the concept of stress and a source of stress, presentation of stressful occupations, diseases associated with stress, the influence of stress on beauty, health, sex life and performance. As modern addictions are associated with a lack of self-esteem and experiencedstress, in this part of workshops with unemployed youth we talked about the modern chemical and non-chemical addictions. Members had the opportunity to fill in the list of stressful events, and by filling the list assess how much stressed they were.



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