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 Croatian Government Office for Cooperation with NGOsProject is co-financed by the Croatian Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs „The views expressed in this publication material do not necessarily reflect the position of the Croatian Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs“

Information about the project

Name of the project: Knowledge-Opportunity-Synergy (KOS)
Name of the applicant: Mine Alternativni Izvori Donacija - MINE AID
Partners: Croatian Employment Service - Regional Office Kutina and Croatian Employment Service - Regional Office Sisak
Project duration: 15 months (18.02.2015.g.-17.05.2016.g.)
Budget: 161.965,90 euro EU contribution: 153.867,60 EUR

PROJECT OBJECTIVES The overall objective is foster employment growth of the unemployed youth and women from Sisak-Moslavina County into their respective local communities through provision of professional holistic support and preparation for the entrance on the labour market

Target groups are: • unemployed youth, aged 15-29 (30); • unemployed women, aged 30-65 (30). Fainal beneficiaries are family members of potential users, potential employers in the community where they will be implemented voluntary - practical work, and Sisak-Moslavina County and their local communities

1. opening of a local mobile office and offering psychosocial and economic support
2. organization and implementation of workshops and educational training
3. organization and implementation of educational programs
4. organization and implementation of practical-volunteer work
5. promotion of the project aims and raising general public's awarness

Estimated results:
- Raised level of self-awareness, emotionally and socially empowered beneficiaries;
- Raised level of knowledge and skills required for a specific entrance on the labour market;
- Raised level of motivation for self-employment in accordance with their abilities;
- Raised level of working experience gained trough volunteering;
- Raised level of public awareness about the discrimination of youth and women on the labour market and potential employers become familiar with the unemployed youth and women