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 Croatian Government Office for Cooperation with NGOsProject is co-financed by the Croatian Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs „The views expressed in this publication material do not necessarily reflect the position of the Croatian Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs“


Jasenka Draženović, Mirjana Mandic, Ranka Tupek, Marina Pavicic and Verica HRG Nogić employees are in the Citizens' Initiative "My City of Sisak". Most of them work in jobs for which they are educated.
"Now I am employed in the administrative and financial affairs - and this is my first job. There are a lot of work, but I am very happy because finally I economizing, I feel that something is worth something and can not afford their children. "
  Mirjana Mandic
  "I'm doing everything ... and of course the most important thing - run a variety of records, I create spreadsheets and reports, edit web pages, raise news, various publications and so we present our work ..."
Ranka Tupek
  "When I finished the course, for about a month I was employed as caregivers in the field. I visit the elderly, the sick and infirm at Sisak and villages Lower Posavina - Lonja, Gušće, Topolovac, Prelošćica - and help them. "
Jasenka Draženović


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